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5th Sunday is Sunday, October 30th.   5th Sunday: Church. Service. is a radical departure from Church as usual.  We are replacing our church service with serving the community.  It’s so much more than another event or program in our church.  It’s an expression of who we are and how we are choosing to live out our faith.  Please, please, please don’t use this as an excuse to skip out on  [ Read More ]


5th Sunday is about me, you and all of us working together to make a difference in this region. When a community is faced with a history of broken families, drugs, violence, gangs and a declining education system, there is often a loss of hope. The dysfunction becomes the norm and the community continues to spiral in the wrong direction.  5th Sunday is an opportunity to reverse that trend by  [ Read More ]


This 5th Sunday included several painting, repair and sorting projects at area organization including: Coordinated Homeless Outreach Center Liberty Ministries New Options While crews were cleaning and painting at the center, other members of the church took residents to Facenda Whitaker Lanes for a carefree afternoon of bowling and pizza.  Another two groups researched the campuses of Temple and Villanova in partnership with Campus Crusade for Christ. Read a Times  [ Read More ]


The first 5th Sunday of Storehouse Church included cleaning the perimeter of three Norristown Parks: Martin Luther King Park, Cherry Street Park and the Riverfront Park.  In addition, we hosted a ‘Free Market’ giving household items to our neighbors in need. Read a report from the Times Herald here.


Yes, you can host your own 5th Sunday!  We’ll give you everything that you need to know to setup and launch a 5th Sunday: Church. Service. from your local ministry.   Let’s make a difference – together. Here’s what we ask: 1.  Register your church with 5th Sunday (Register Here). 2. Write a summary of your experience (with photos) to be posted on the 5th Sunday website (info@5thsunday.net). 3. Let  [ Read More ]

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