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We have outlined several steps to help you build a satisfying, loving, and grace-filled marriage that will last a lifetime. Through the years, we have seen God's best come from solid, intentional preparation for marriage. The time you spend during your engagement should be viewed as an investment in the life that you live together. The premaritial process at Storehouse usually takes 6 months and allows time for each couple to participate in premarital counseling and to carefully plan your ceremony.

Step 1: Contact our Pastor's assistant

The Pastor's assistant will assist you with an individual plan for your premarital mentorship and explain the wedding process. Each couple's situation is unique and exact steps to follow may vary.

Contact: Email: Phone: (484) 200-7720 x 101

Step 2: Fill Out Pre-Marital Forms

If you would like a Storehouse Pastor to perform your wedding, please submit the Wedding Request Form to the Kim Rushik. She will then process your request and contact you with the availability of the Pastor and your next steps. Please allow 7 days from the date they are received for your request to be processed.

Download: Wedding Request Packet (below)

Step 3: Pre-Marital Mentorship and meeting with a Storehouse Pastor

You will be contacted by our 'Starting Strong Pre-Marital Mentorship Director' who will explain the Pre-Marital Mentorship process. Once you begin your pre-marital mentorship you will have the opportunity to meet with a Storehouse pastor to review the ceremony and discuss the preparation process.

Step 4: Finalizing Plans

Once you have been assigned a Pastor to perform your ceremony and you have begun your Pre-Marital Mentorship you will be well on your way to a meaningful ceremony and a strong foundation for your marriage. The Pastor will meet with you prior to your wedding to finalize the details. Schedule your planning meetings through the Pastor's assistant.

We are looking forward to helping you plan a wonderful wedding ceremony and, most importantly, helping you lay a strong foundation on which to build a lasting marriage.

Download this file (wedding_request_packet.pdf)Wedding Request Packet[ ]

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